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Creative Growth - Onicia Update - May 2018

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When I started this newsletter in January 2016, I used it to hold myself accountable. How can I call myself a writer if my words are never published? How do I call myself a performer if I never stand on a stage? How do I prove that I get ish done (am a successful project manager) if I don't produce receipts? Most importantly, how do I stay motivated if I never revisit past accomplishments?

May marks one year of consistently publishing my Onicia Updates (thanks, LT in the City). This month's letter features more published writings, cool creatives I fangirl for, and a few throwback portfolio items.

I'm not where I want to be, but I'm also not where I used to be.

That's all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter.

Upcoming Events

Here where you might find me socializing and performing.

May 19 at The Living Room
The Skewer - Cafe Mustache
June 6
Louder Than A Mom - Martyrs' Live
June 18

I'm not currently on Facebook so tracking down event links will be a bit tricky. You should always be able to find details at or searching local events on most event sites.

Published Writings

The Skewer: Best of 2017 (The Skewer)
A collection of satirical essays based on news stories from 2017. My piece, Juciero 101 is included in this publication by erica dreisbach and Tom Harrison.

JBF: Broken Facial Recognition (The Daily Herald)
Sure, I also don’t recognize many people out of context. So I prepared my heart to forgive my spiritual sister, but then Roberto opened his mouth.

Planning for Financial Emotional Pitfalls (Breaking the Piggy Bank)
When I confessed to my mom about my financial burden, I explained that I thought I couldn’t even afford a soda. She said, “Everyone deserves candy. Breaking your budget for one candy bar is not a crime. Don’t feel guilty.”

JBF: Unwrapping the White Elephant (The Daily Herald)
At this point, people started revealing who brought what. My heart rate increased. Should I take one of mine? Hell naw! I didn’t want my dinky paper goods.


Here are cool things I found online!

Far From Hollywood (Jackie Jorgenson)
The actor's struggle is real. It's even more real when you don't quite live in Hollywood. Jackie is hilarious and an inspiration.

You're Going to Make Mistakes (Breaking The Piggy Bank)
This month I am one week away from payday. Time cannot move fast enough. I have been crawling toward the 16th because I had several hiccups in my wealth management.

Pizza Paul (Lable Me Other)
Brian and Rita are collaboration goals. Pizza Paul is disturbing, must-watch short film.

Tomi Lahren Is an Alternate Universe Version of Me (Devin Witlock/The Skewer)
Breathe in. Breathe out. Forgive yourself and do better. I wish I didn't identify.
James gordon - poem

Greatest Poet Alive (James Gordon)
James is a wordsmith and talented actor. Check out his YouTube channel for super romantic poetic expressions.

Feminist Parenting: Poop Doula (Rebellious Magazine)
No poop lasts forever. Remember, Feminist Prom is May 19, 2018.

My Morning Routine (Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander)
Their newest book which covers how successful people start every day inspired.

Do you make cool things? Let's collaborate

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