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A sexy Romanian threesome - Just Being Funny

“Come on, Oni. Your twenties are for fun and excitement. Please, hangout with us.” Rebecca removed her towel to reveal she was now a redhead. 
I should have known that housing via Canada’s Craigslist was going to be sketchy AF. I agreed to the five-month lease knowing that the apartment under construction. I’d agreed to share the unit with housemates periodically. What I didn’t agree to was exclusively using the garage entrance because the “landlord” wanted me to avoid the doorman. Seriously, did he own this apartment, or nah? Most importantly, I didn’t agree to live with mysterious eastern Europeans who – from what I could tell – could be on the run from the law.
Hear me out. When Rebecca and Roberto moved in, she was all chatty and he was all monosyllable responses. Being the friendly island gyal that I was, I entertained Rebecca's desire for light chit chat. She asked me my entire life story. Not wanting to be a conversation hog, I asked, “why are you in Canada?” Before homegirl …

How to Afford Hired Help When You’re Still A Struggling Artist? - Hey Onicia

In an interview with 2 and A Bottle,they asked how I afforded to hire an assistant for creative ventures. I am pro paying people for their work because artists die from exposure; ‘likes’ and retweets do not pay the bills. Here’s how I’m able to pay people even though I’m still in that struggling artist phase.
Hey Oniciais a series where I tap into my type-A side and answer questions from my friends about this starving artist life. If you find this helpful, share with your twitter homies or thank me with ice cream. Want to chat or collaborate? Holla at me!
First off, major side eye to people who blow mad cash on taxi rides, Beyonce concerts, and fast fashion while begging for free labor. Seriously, offering me five bucks so I can buy a pint of ice cream for things I do to pay the bills is less insulting than demanding it for free.
Save up and pay full rateI wish everyone could get their asking price. If you can afford it, pay it. You can’t build a business on free-99 services; you’ll even…

Fangirl Goals and World Domination Plans - Onicia Update - January 2018

Welcome to 2018! Thanks for faithfully reading my Onicia Updates and for encouraging me on this journey towards world domination. Wait. What? Oh, yeah. I grew up on Spice Girls, girl power, and all the Disney princesses; ruling the world was always the end goal.

Now that you're up to speed, I'd like to reveal my plans for 2018. This year, I would like to collaborate more. There's an African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I want to go far! To do that, I'm kindly asking you to show me all the funny, inspirational, dedicated, unique, community-minded people. Whether for entertainment, education, or professional connections, I just want to meet more interesting people.

This month, I have a few shows coming up, The Stoop is back, and I wrote some cool articles last month. Also, I added a new feature to my newsletter. Check out these 10 things I'm fangirlin' for.

So, will you help me go far and achieve world…