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I am Woman, Hear Me Yawn! - Onicia Updates - March 2018

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Welcome to March! It's Women's History Month. If you've been following me on le social media, you know that I pretty much spend my twitter days hyping up women in entertainment. My wish for March is to find a moment to nap and attend Heaux Magazine's 1-year anniversary party!

That's all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter.

Upcoming Events

Feminist Happy Hour (Beauty Bar)
Stand-up comedy
March 14, 2018

This One Woman (Hopleaf Bar)
March 26, 2018

A Lill Annoyance Stand-Up Show (The Annoyance)
Stand-up Comedy
March 31, 2018

Published Writings

JBF: No New Friends (The Daily Herald)
As with many of my quirks, past trauma formed my pet policy. Some people have daddy issues. Well, I developed doggy issues. My dog abandoned me when I was a teenager; how does one recover? By committing to no new pets.

Vanessa Baden Kelly: Millennials Leading the Mental Health Conversation (Rebellious Magazine)
Rebellious Magazine caught up with actress Vanessa Baden Kelly (Journee) for a quick chat about how “Giants” and Millennials are helping the conversation on mental health. IndieActvity also did a feature on Giants. Tweet

What to do When You Can’t Produce Your Feature Film (Hey Onicia)
After almost seven years of writing and coordinating with collaborators, I finally co-produced Sucker’s Garden a Caribbean a radio drama with my friend Kimberly Meyers. Here’s how we solved our film production problems.

JBF: Don't Debate with Nazis (The Daily Herald)
My stomach was hollow. I searched the text for answers but didn’t find any. “Roberto!”, I called for the roommate to review the 10-page PDF, “Did I just read Nazi propaganda or is this a failed attempt at playing devil’s advocate?”


Here are cool things I found online. This month is all about the women folk!

The Haven by Mia McCullough
Mia is putting Chicago women ta werk! Episode 1 and 2 casts are  89%  women. So far the crew has been 83% female and 30% people of color. IndieActivity published a feature on this project.

Pretty Witty - episode 41
At 50:20 Ash and Jay shared a very thoughtful piece on the prison industrial complex. Tweet

Kellye Talks - S2E7: RC Riley
Raising a baby I had for my ex-girl and finding my voice in storytelling. I'm a fan of both Kellye and RC. I learned so many things about both women.

A Life Without Social Media by Iris Kirkland
When Iris said she was going off the grid, I had all kinds of thoughts. The most amazing thing I've experienced since she started that journey 1 year ago is how timely her newsletter has been for my life even though she's not online.

Breaking Rules by Ada Cheng
I've been looking forward to this solo show for several months. I'm finally going to see it with some friends. Say "hi" if you see me.

Funny Laugh Productions
I'm enjoying Jackie, Mary, and Hayley's short film projects. Check out Headstrong for a quick laugh and tune in to their new web series Far From Hollywood. Tweet

I Got a Tax Refund, Now What? (Breaking The Piggy Bank)
Angelica's posts have been encouraging me to get all of my financial life. As a freelancer/self-employed person, money is deff feast or famine. These tips were helpful for changing my mindset regarding large sums of cash.

Story Play Media 
Like Netflix but Caribbean content!!!! Caribbean TV Online showcases the best video content for Caribbean people and people around the world who love Caribbean culture.

Niama's Adventures: Black Girls Are From the Future Presents by Renina Jarmon
Join Niama, a curious little girl full of magic and wonder. When Niama goes to sleep at night with her magic wand she time travels to different places far and near in her dreams. She visits Harlem, she swims with mermaids and even visits Queen Nefertiti in Egypt. When Niama time travels, she feels magical and free. Niama wants you to feel free too.

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