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True Stories and Faithful Friends - Onicia Updates - August 2018

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Aight, so what have I been up to? Oh you know, just the usual: slapping words together and creating dope art with cool people. Last month we filmed my episode of Pre-Existing. I'm so thankful that Lissette was there to direct. Lissette works well under pressure and she's was so amazing and reading my mood and redirecting my energy. Bruh, with friends like these.

I also said goodbye to a dear Chicago friend. This month's ENTIRE Fangirlin' section is dedicated the talented Ms. Candice Lola <3

Shout out my fabulous collaborators: David Audino (executive producer/cinematographer), Lissette Hall (producer/director/cheerleader), Sandy Lee (actor), Sonal Aggarwal (actor), Greg Callozzo (actor), Kyle Hendrix (production assistant), Ashley Connell (on-set producer), and Nick Torres (production assitant/cheerleader).

That's all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter.

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The Kates (Book Cellar) - August 25, 2018

Looking for stand-up comedian or storyteller with a Caribbean sense of humor? Book me!

Published Writings

Rebellious Living: 5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste (Rebellious Magazine)
The image of spoiled food tumbling into the trash is often conjured when thinking of food waste. But what makes items not consumable? A Vox video report showed that most date labels make no sense. Use your senses to test whether something is no bueno. 

True Story: The One Time I Disobeyed My Mom (Curly Nikki)
My older sister was visiting for the first time since leaving about three-ish years earlier. We were excited, we were grown-ish, and we were ready to have the best summer ever. I was eighteen; old enough to go clubbing, but not old enough to stay out without my mother’s permission.

JBF: A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work (The Daily Herald)
On day three of grumbling amongst each other, I decided that we could be stronger together. “Before we officially start this job we should all band together and ask for raises like if we all this is not right and we all put pressure especially since we just finished they might increase our pay.” I channeled my inner Norma Rae.

Comedian Adrienne Brandyburg is Funny and Naturally Glam! (Curly Nikki)
Chicago actress and comedienne, Adrienne Brandyburg is part of the new generation of entertainers who embrace their natural curls while making boss moves. Adrienne co-hosts B.A.P.S Comedy, a monthly variety show celebrating and empowering women of color that will turn 2 years old this September.

The Salesman: Building the Pyramid (MLM Truth)
The time my marketing job turned out to be a wanna-be pyramid scheme. I know navigating the freelance/gig economy can be tough and sometimes we only want to focus on our direct deposits versus ensuring our clients are ethical. Let’s stand firm and say no to helping these predatory companies expand.

JBF: Fashion, darlin’! (The Daily Herald)
I am not a fashionista at all. If you ever see me in something trendy, it’s because a friend gifted it to me or a walked in a store and bought exactly what the mannequin was wearing. I try my best to wear the same thing when I perform because then I don’t have to stress about trying. 


Last month I said goodbye to Candice Lola, my dear Chicago friend. Although I had an entire year to prepare, it wasn't enough. Candice is #BlackGirlMagic and a (capital letter P) Phenomenal woman.  Candice is a talented writer, an inquisitive mind, and a generous soul. She's a self-starter, a wild one, a shameless blerd (black nerd). She's funny and smart. She's your slept on Woman Crush Wednesday! There are not words enough to express how much she means to me, a lonely immigrant in Chicago. I a blessed to know her and believe she's going to do amazing things in New York. This month's ENTIRE Fangirlin' section is dedicated the talented Ms Candace Lola <3

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