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Must-watch Web Series by Black Women - Onicia Update - December 2019

Hidee Ho, Neighbors!
Welcome back to my corner of the internet. In my final newsletter for 2019 (Woot! Woot!), I have a brief round up of must-watch web series by black women.

Aluminum Coverage is now live on YouTube!

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Black Girl in a Big Dress (Aydrea Walden)
BLACK GIRL IN A BIG DRESS is a webseries series about an African American Anglophile cosplayer in love with the Victorian Era. Adrienne feels happy and confident when she's dressed up living life like it's a fairy tale, but back in the real world, it's a whole different story.

Black Enough (M…

Aluminum Coverage - Onicia Update - November 2019

Aluminum Coverage is now live on YouTube! 
Like. Comment. Share. Remind your friends in the U.S. that open enrollment closes on December 15. Then include a link to my episode to remind that healthcare coverage in America is a joke and there's always a co-pay.
Don't know what to comment? A simple "LOL, Onicia you are the world's funniest writer!" will do. Can't spell? Just drop some emojis
You can watch online at or on FacebookTwitterInstagramVimeo and YouTube.
I'm accepting stand-up comedy and storytelling bookings for 2020. Contact bookings[at]oniciamuller[dot]com or

That's all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter. Upcoming EventsThis One Woman (The Hopleaf)
November 25, 2019

Mother Cluckers Comedy (Anderon's Bookshop)
Stand-up comedy
January 9, 2020

Do you make cool things? I might feature you in m…

How do I Know if My Writing is Improving - Hey Onicia

Hey, Onicia!So, I have been using Hemingway app for editing for some time. It has helped me get a lot together. But I can’t help but to notice, when I put a published pieced from a well respected writer that it is all kinds of mark-ups. Which app do you use, if you use one at all?
I hear all the time to learn the rules then break them, but then I think there are so many rules to learn, lawd Jesus. I feel like I never will know all the rules, but I won’t give up.
Hey Oniciais a series where I tap into my type-A side and answer questions from my friends about this starving artist life. These posts might contain affiliate links; at no cost to you, I might earn a commission when you make a purchase. If you find this helpful, share with your twitter homies or thank me with ice cream. Want to pick my brain? Holla at me!

Hey, Iris! Yes, writing is an art. The rules are suggestions. So, learn the rules and then break them. Hemmingway helped me be concise. Especially when writing for children…

Plenty of Caribbean Talent - Onicia Update - October 2019

My ultimate goal as a Caribbean screenwriter: Create a scripted television show for and about the Caribbean. Winning awards is optional and not required for success.
With that in mind, I'm always searching for collaborators and opportunities to tell stories. I finally worked up the courage to reach out to Peter Sagnia. He's a director and filmmaker currently living in St. Maarten. Chatting with Peter, Diane de la Haye, AlysiaSimone, and my other Caribbean friends reminds me that we have plenty of talent in the region.
Today I have the technology to communicate with any Caribbean talent. Access to affordable creative tools means I'm closer than ever to achieving my storytelling goals. 
Other news: Just Being Funny is back. Episodes 1-4 of Pre-Existing are now on Youtube. I think I'm episode 9 or 10. Maya Montrell and I are on page 16 of 30 of Counting on Kendra. I was supposed to publish updates and lessons about our project but...
Anyways, this month's Fangirlin' i…

'The Haven' using Web Series to Launch Chicago TV Pilot - Women in Film

What do you do when you have an original TV pilot that explores a world and characters different from traditional Hollywood scripts? You do like Mia McCullough and Elizabeth Laidlaw and create a web series!
THE HAVEN is a web series covering an extensive period in the lives of the clients and staff of a domestic violence center. The staff forms the main cast. The clients are secondary characters. 

Web series is a great storytelling tool for exploring characters and worlds. Compared to a TV show, these short format made-for-the-web productions often require fewer resources to produce. These scripts, which are usually under 30 minutes/pages, allow screenwriters to tell stories by and about underrepresented communities. Best of all, the finished content is immediately available to that community — #RepresentationMatters. 

Mia and co-producer Elizabeth Laidlaw knew that if developed and produced in the traditional Hollywood/LA-focused system, the project would likely evolve into something t…

Everyone in Hollywood is Blowing 'Big Smoke' - Women in Film

Big Smoke is basically what my life would have been had things not worked out for me and Le Roommate. 
About four episodes into this 6-part comedic web series about selling a TV show, I realized that Big Smoke is basically what my life will be once I work up the courage to actually sell my scripts.
Here’s what Big Smoke creators Laura E. Bray and Miriam Glaser taught me about selling a television script.
You can’t sell a screenplay if you don’t shop your screenplay. There are plenty of people looking to buy, so shoot your shot.
Despite what LinkedIn profiles, IMDB pages, or company websites say, everyone is just blowing smoke and hoping for the planets to align. So, yes, go to that pitch meeting with a positive attitude. Don’t sweat it if things fall through.

Don’t cyber-stalk your ex or creative competition -- especially not before your big pitch. That’s a self-sabotaging activity that can lead to getting drunk, binging on ice cream, and weird headspaces. Focus on yourself. 
Pivot and wing…

8 Journaling Ideas for Self-Development - Iris Kirkland's My Journal Guide Review

Many how-to guides showcase one or two ways to do an activity. Iris Kirkland's straightforward journaling guide includes eight journaling ideas for self-development. Whether you're short on time, not too chatty, or planning long-term goals, My Journal Guide presents several ways to get into journaling. Iris even explains how those who don't consider themselves as writers can benefit from journaling.
Here's why you should download Iris Kirkland's FREE journaling guide: Journaling is a great way to gain clarity. You don't have to do it forever. You don't have to journal every aspect of your life.
"The more I journaled, the more I became clear about the kind of writer I want to be. To be honest, it's helped me to figure out what kind of person I want to be too." -- Iris Kirkland, My Journal Guide
My two favorite exercises: the joy list and adding scriptures to written prayers.
I usually run to ice cream when I feel sad. Having a list of things that b…