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Balancing Quality and Quantity - Onicia Updates - January 2019

Balancing Quality and Quantity - Onicia Muller Newsletter - January 2019

Welcome to 2019. I'm finally getting around to publishing this newsletter on the last day of January; talk about cutting it close. I'm slooowly coming to terms with the idea that 2019 should be about quality, not quantity.

In a world where everyone seems to be pumping out content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, not following suit feel like I'm not a serious artist. The truth is, I don't like noise. I don't like popping up in your inbox just because it's a new month. I don't like having a noisy Twitter crammed with self-promotional tweets. Yes, we need to let the world know that our proverbial tree fell in the woods but it's also cool to be quiet. There's a season for everything and this is my season to work on some larger projects.

That said, don't count on having monthly updates this year. Do count on me to support your creative ventures. Holla at me if you want to collaborate. Holla at me if you need a retweet and possibly a donation for your project. Holla if you need to vent. Holla. Holla. Holla.

Be true to yourself. Make the art that makes you happy. Don't stress about commercial success. Have fun and play a little.

Published Writings

JBF: Crash Dummy (The Daily Herald)
Stalled again! I put the tiny blue manual transmission car into first gear. For the I-lost-count-a-long-while-ago time, I restarted the engine and resumed driving. Breathe in. Place my foot on ... the clutch? Breathe out. What was I doing with this gas pedal thing again? Magic! We’re on the road again. Driving exam day was one of the most important days of my teenage years.

The Intersection (Midnight & Indigo)
This roofless, unpainted, rock and mud structure holds stories I’m desperate to unlock. The seed of future generations and the ghosts of ancestors past constantly, unknowingly passing through each other. If my soul is ever successful at splitting time, would I meet my grandmother on this hill for a play date?
Submit your story to be published in the next issue of Midnight & Indigo. Deadline: March 31.

JBF: The Misguided Seamstress (The Daily Herald)
“The girls are too thin; I hope they fill out by summer,” Rebecca said while adjusting the pins. Yes, more people on the “Onicia needs womanly curves” prayer team. I flexed my pecks and whispered another prayer while imagining me stuntin’ in my backless yellow dress. 

pre-existing (Hidden In Plain Sight Productions) 
A web series that explores 17 stories that all take place in one waiting room. My episode, Aluminum Coverage will premier later this year. Executive Producer: David Audino Producers: Lissette Hall, Maria Konopken, and Sara Savusa. Support the project by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and

Fan Girlin'

Wait, it’s 2019 already? Ah, shiiit. Where did all my money go? (Breaking the Piggy Bank)
When we last saw our hero, she was carefully organizing her plan towards a financial comeback after having filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in early 2017. What has she been up to since then?

Mary Brown Design
Mary Brown is a Chicago-based web design and strategy expert. If you're looking to update your website hit her up at or

New Year's Resolution Recommendation – See More Comedy in 2019 (Rebellious Magazine)
‘Tis the season for making personal promises to improve our lives in the coming year. One easy and enjoyable way to guarantee more smiles in 2019 is to see, read and listen to more comedy.

A Web series following three people of color as they battle to find themselves in an ever-changing city. Written and directed by Tia Williams. Produced by Maureen Lomo. Donate to their IndieGoGo.

Gentrified, a web series by Tia Williams

Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes spreading through the Island – Part II (The Daily Herald)
While variations of these “business models” are nothing new in any part of the world, it seems they remain hard to recognise, and a few have been spreading here primarily through social media, especially since the last quarter of 2018. The fastest growing MLM programme by far has been Total Life Changes (TLC), an American company offering detox and weight loss products such as tea, appetite suppressants, and energy boosters. (Part I)

I’m Exhausted (Pretty Witty Podcast)
This week we discuss how activists are facing conviction after trying to help migrants, the ongoing shutdown is slowly killing poor people, and how your rights may be violated if a politician has blocked you. It's late, so we'll catch you in the a.m.!

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Created on St. Maarten. Based in Chicago. Onicia Muller (@OniciaMuller) writes, says funny things, and enjoys hanging with creative minds. 
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Hey Oniciais a series where I tap into my type-A side and answer questions from my friends about this starving artist life. If you find this helpful, share with your twitter homies or thank me with ice cream. Want to chat or collaborate? Holla at me!
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