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Home Comings and Goings - Onicia Update - July 2019

What it do Scooby Doo?!
I visited St. Maarten for the first time in five years. The roommates and I had a wonderful time at the Azure hotel. I really missed St. Maarten. I don't know when I'll return, but I hope to have another extended stay soon. BTW, shout out to my homie Ronald for fixing my rental situation.
Big news: I sold some greeting cards to American Greetings. See details below.
When we last spoke, I asked what I should focus on next. More than half of you who responded would like Maya Wagner and me to post scenes from Counting on Kendra
I was also told to do whatever inspires me. I'll try my best to have something to show you before the end of September.
That's all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter. What I've been doing instead of writing*Trying to write a review for Mia McCullough's web series The Haven. You should watch it.Trying to write a review for Winnifred …