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Keep Going - Onicia Update - August 2019

Onicia Muller Caribbean Comedian Writer Newsletter
This month, I'd like to use this space to share a letter from an unlikely collaborator  (insert big dopey smile) who has been pushing me to work on my most challenging project yet. It's been 2+ years. I don't know what you're working on but I hope you find someone who inspires you to keep going. 

I’m Onicia’s Ol’ Uncle Hank.  This is my story of collaborating with Oni:

At only our second meeting, I asked Oni what she did…exactly.  She told me she tells stories; her stories or she helps other people tell their stories.  The mediums varied widely: stand-up, books, movies, sit-coms, screenplays, articles, blogs, or podcasts… but in essence, she’s in the storytelling business.  Heck, want to tell a story at your wedding?  Then hire her as your wedding planner…that’s a fine medium too.  How cool!  So, of course, I tell her I’ve always had an idea for a book.  While she remained polite, I knew she was thinking, “If I had a nickel for every knucklehead…”  Two days later I received an email with the opening line: “So, you want to write a book.  Then I’m going to hold you accountable.  Let’s start with…”

One year (and an 87 thread email) later, my book was born and weighed in at 41,311 words.  No Oni…no book.  It’s that simple.  Here’s the kicker: she never pushed me, she only pulled me.  When was the last time you saw a team of horses pushing a wagon?  And so it was with me.  That meant I had to hang on, to stay hitched.  I did and doing so got my story told.  Thanks, Oni.  Hang on my friends!

That's all I gotta say today. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter.

Funny Women

While I take a break from performing or posting my stand-up on Youtube, I like to dedicate this space to showcasing women in comedy. 

Shout out to Tiffany Haddish and Netflix for putting me on to Flame Monroe. For more talented female comedians check out They Ready on Netflix. Flame Monroe is featured in episode 2.

Published Writings

5 Ways To Make Your U.S. College Experience Richer (The Daily Herald)
Moving to another country is challenging. Demanding school schedules and cold weather are sure to make Caribbean students homesick. Here are five ways to make off-campus life more fulfilling while earning a degree in the U.S.

Counting on Kendra
As promised, Maya Montrell and I are publishing pages of our original half-hour pilot as we write them. Here's the treatment for Counting on Kendra. It includes the logline, synopsis, and team bios.

JBF: Cut-throat Playground Entrepreneurs (The Daily Herald)
I never really won anything cool or was the most popular person. One year some colorful plastic strings called Scoubidou appeared on the playground. The clouds parted in my hater heart and I could feel the glow of this wholesome activity radiating through my body.

Winnifred Jong’s “Tokens on Call” is a Masterclass in Woke Storytelling
You know a series is great when you feel the same or more excitement when watching it a second time around. I had to wait about two years, but Tokens was worth the wait. Winnifred Jong’s Tokens is a masterclass in woke storytelling.


This section is always a challenge to curate. I try to limit it to 10 items. Anyways, here are some cool things I stumbled across.

LOVED. (David "D.V!BE" Hernandez / YouTube)
This 8-track album features 8 short films about self-love and body positivity. Also, David has major hustle.
BlogJob (Amy Belk and erica dreisbach / YouTube)
Andy is 30-year-old writer in Chicago with a fancy MFA and 10 years of writers' block but today she's got a job interview to be a blogger!

Tiny Tip Tuesday: Be Kind To Yourself (Kellye Howard / YouTube)
How we talk and deal with ourselves is engrained in us from a very young age. Because of this, we will have to correct our actions over and over again. Patience is the key but KINDNESS is the lock.

This week, we discuss an important abortion case in El Salvador that could be a precursor for where the US is headed, warnings about Autism Speaks, and the public shaming of Mia Khalifa. Grab a drink and join us!
Success is a Long Game (Kerry-Ann / CarryOnFriends)
Success is a long game that requires you to show up regularly and consistently over time. How do you sustain playing this long game?  Create a vision, purpose, mission framework Build…
TLC in Chicago, Still 'CrazySexyCool' After All These Years (Laurie Fanelli / Rebellious Magazine)
I'm so mad I missed this concert. TLC is one of my fave bands ever. Thankfully Laurie was on the scene.
Glass Man (Candice Lola)
The man made of glass decided to go home. He had been traveling for quite some time before he realized that he was lonely and that a hollow pain had begun to radiate from his stomach. He walked with the pain for a long time.
Free From You (Devin Whitlock/ Pour One Out)
I didn't wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day this year. I have only started speaking to her again after 15 years.

Do you make cool things? I might feature you in my next newsletterLet's collaborate!

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Created on St. Maarten. Based in Chicago. Onicia Muller (@OniciaMuller) writes, says funny things, and enjoys hanging with creative minds. 
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Winnifred Jong’s “Tokens on Call” is a Masterclass in Woke Storytelling - Women in Film

You know a series is great when you feel the same or more excitement when watching it a second time around. I had to wait about two years, but Tokens was worth the wait. Winnifred Jong’s Tokens is a masterclass in woke storytelling.

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Stories About Stories - Onicia Update - April 2019

I'm alive and writing. Since my last letter, I've been diligently collecting stories about stories. Confused? Let me explain.
Writing is more than the time spent actively stringing words together. Ideas are planted and explored during seemingly mundane activities within our daily lives; waiting at the bus stop, washing dishes, or even while zoning out during a sermon.
I started drafting a "Hey Onicia" about my story journey, the process of taking a project from idea to writing the first sentences of the first draft. I abandoned finishing that article because I don't want to block my creative flow by pausing to analyze the process when I'm knee deep in it. I would, but I've been dealing with tendonitis in both hands and therefore have to be intentional about how I use my hands. 
Shoveling mounds of ice cream? YES! Writing a newsletter? NAH! Shouting into the Twitter void? NAH! Writing letters to friends? YES!
So yeah,  tendonitis and other life changes ar…