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8 Journaling Ideas for Self-Development - Iris Kirkland's My Journal Guide Review

journaling ideas self development - iris kirkland

Many how-to guides showcase one or two ways to do an activity. Iris Kirkland's straightforward journaling guide includes eight journaling ideas for self-development. Whether you're short on time, not too chatty, or planning long-term goals, My Journal Guide presents several ways to get into journaling. Iris even explains how those who don't consider themselves as writers can benefit from journaling.

Here's why you should download Iris Kirkland's FREE journaling guide: Journaling is a great way to gain clarity. You don't have to do it forever. You don't have to journal every aspect of your life.

"The more I journaled, the more I became clear about the kind of writer I want to be. To be honest, it's helped me to figure out what kind of person I want to be too." -- Iris Kirkland, My Journal Guide

My two favorite exercises: the joy list and adding scriptures to written prayers.

I usually run to ice cream when I feel sad. Having a list of things that bring me joy without regret is brilliant. This joy list is key for not self-destructing.

Adding scriptures to prayer is a great way to memorize scripture by tying them to meaningful moments.

Writing my eulogy appears to be the most daunting journaling activity. Writing a summary of my life requires a high level of vulnerability, accepting mortality, reflecting on past failures, and potentially holding myself accountable. It also calls for strategic planning; am I selecting goals because society tells me to or because I really want it.

Oh yeah, you need courage to dream! Basically, I want to avoid it because it just might be the most powerful.

It's been five months. I still haven't found the courage to write my eulogy. My joy list has been deterring me from eating my feelings.

According to Iris, "writing has been more than a way to stay busy. It has been a discipline that is molding me into something I don't quite have the words for yet. But whatever it is, it's beautiful and I am enjoying the journey and I am taking a lot of notes."

Click the link to read more about Iris' journey and her inspiration for creating My Journal Guide

If you enjoy My Journal Guide you'll also like Transforming Realities by Mia McCullough*. The 106-page book teaches how to overcome the difficulties and dilemmas of creative writing. I've referenced this book several times since first reading it in 2016.

IRIS KIRKLAND is a writer focused on God, people and business. She's on a journey to creating a beautiful life with her words and faith. Sometimes that comes with challenges and other times with ease, but always with a lesson. She's candid about it in My Journal. This monthly newsletter provides a sneak-peak to her thoughts, goals, and what's new in Iris' world.  

* I'm divesting from Amazon, so I'm no longer sharing their affiliate links. Support independent bookstore and authors by purchasing from is not a sponsored or affiliate link. I earn no commission from sharing this resource.

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