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Plenty of Caribbean Talent - Onicia Update - October 2019

Onicia Muller Caribbean screenwriter newsletter

My ultimate goal as a Caribbean screenwriter: Create a scripted television show for and about the Caribbean. Winning awards is optional and not required for success.

With that in mind, I'm always searching for collaborators and opportunities to tell stories. I finally worked up the courage to reach out to Peter Sagnia. He's a director and filmmaker currently living in St. Maarten. Chatting with Peter, Diane de la Haye, AlysiaSimone, and my other Caribbean friends reminds me that we have plenty of talent in the region.

Today I have the technology to communicate with any Caribbean talent. Access to affordable creative tools means I'm closer than ever to achieving my storytelling goals. 

Other news: Just Being Funny is back. Episodes 1-4 of Pre-Existing are now on Youtube. I think I'm episode 9 or 10. Maya Montrell and I are on page 16 of 30 of Counting on Kendra. I was supposed to publish updates and lessons about our project but...

Anyways, this month's Fangirlin' is dedicated to Caribbean content creators that I admire. Got something I should see or someone I should collaborate with? Email me or shout at me on Twitter.

Upcoming Events

Louder Than A Mom (Martys', Chicago)
October 21, 2019

Published Writings

I run the numbers in my head like a word problem: There are twenty blocks between the hotel and the train station. If after 50 years of walking, Rebecca says they have ten more blocks. The friends walk eight more blocks. How many blocks until they reach the train station?

'The Haven' Using Web Series to Launch Chicago TV Pilot 
What do you do when you have an original TV pilot that explores a world and characters different from traditional Hollywood scripts? You do like Mia McCullough and Elizabeth Laidlaw and create a web series!

JBF: Please for a ride nuh, Boatman (The Daily Herald)
Cheese on Christopher Columbus! How difficult is it to put all the details in one text? Before y’all accuse me of being a city slicker who is better than simple country folks, that’s not what I'm about. This also isn't a ‘customer is king’ piece. I really just want to know why communicating with this man was like pulling teeth.

Everyone in Hollywood is Blowing 'Big Smoke'
Big Smoke is basically what my life will be once I work up the courage to actually share my work. Here’s what web series creators Laura E. Bray and Miriam Glaser taught me about selling a television script.

8 Journaling Ideas for Self-Development 
Whether you're short on time, not too chatty, or planning long-term goals, My Journal Guide presents several ways to get into journaling. Iris even explains how those who don't consider themselves as writers can benefit from journaling.


Here are cool things by Caribbean writers and content creators!

Caribbean Podcast Directory (Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown)
A listing of shows created by people of Caribbean Heritage whether in the region or the diaspora. Kerry-Ann is so invested in amplifying Caribbean culture. I love that she created the directory and Breadfruit Media.

Casting 'Big Man Dan' (Kafi Kareem / StoryPlayTV)
How many tall tales does it take to save a marriage? On a daily basis, Dan battles real and imagined threats in order to prove his machismo, wreaking complete havoc in his wife's life and telling tall tales to cover his tracks. Each episode of Big Man Dan finds Dan at the mercy of his feisty wife Sheila, who demands an explanation for Dan's latest disaster.

The Hot Seat (Kimberly Meyers / Unscripted SXM)
Caribbean Poet, Crys Jones jumps into Kimberly's hotseat and answers questions about fashion, poetry, and dating.

It's Complicated (Tracy "TAP" Perpall / theycallmeTAP)
In a community with very old school views, three best friends; Tap, Nicole and Faye are figuring out their rules of what it means to be a woman; from the boardroom to the bedroom and everything in between. Naturally, things get heated, and we're not just talking about the constant 90 degree weather; from break ups, make ups, secret hook ups, secrets and more, what can we say? “It's Complicated!”
A Devil and A String (Candace Peterson /  Candice Lola)
And so a careful, obedient girl tucked the string away underneath her sleeve and protected it from anyone’s sight. She hid it away with sweaters, and bangles, and even medical gauze when she was feeling more crafty or self-conscious. She would dye the gauze to match her skin, its deep, rich color the perfect shade to hide the bright red thread.

How to Make Quick & Easy Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers for Dinner (Tamara Holder /
Have you ever tried a sweet potato turkey burger for dinner? And I mean, a turkey burger with baked sweet potato slices as the buns. My family loves it so it’s become a Sykes dinner staple.

Family (Gillian Royes and Peter Sagnia / Peter Sagnia Films)
How I'm Dealing With Grief (Nasia Rena)
My entire life was wrapped around my Grammy. I was only her grandchild. I can't drive past Solomon's without crying; or driving into Palmdale and thinking about Christmas shopping with her; or going to the bank and not seeing her on the line. It's tough. I can't be happy for too long because something always takes my mind away from where I'm at.

Do you make cool things? I might feature you in my next newsletterLet's collaborate!

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Created on St. Maarten. Based in Chicago. Onicia Muller (@OniciaMuller) writes, says funny things, and enjoys hanging with creative minds. 
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