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Mia McCullough on stalkers + Blast Into Adventure with Paul Dailing — Onicia Update

Travel scams, resourceful stalkers, and sci-fi radio adventures.

Hey friends,

This week’s episode of #SCAMSSS is all about travel scams. Thanks to superfan Remigio T, we dig into fake AirBnB hosts and shady car rentals. KEEP READING

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Blast into Adventure!

Former corruption connoisseur turned suburban socialite (LOL), Paul Dailing created Blast into Adventure, an amazingly spooky and funny audio drama.

Synopsis: A COVID-quarantined suburban dad starts listening to a 1940s radio show that shouldn’t exist. Then the show starts listening back.

Let me know which characters you think Devin and I voiced.

AD - Being funny on command requires proper nutrition; buy me ice cream

Funny Forward: Mia McCullough @brazenhussyrant

Stalkers today have it way easier than stalkers in the 80’s and 90’s.

As always, special thanks to erica dreisbach the good web developer, Shawn York for dope video editing and graphics, and Elizabeth McQuern for my beautiful headshots.

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