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Princess and the Frog is a Black history fail—Onicia Update

But, Kellye Howard is always a #BlackHistoryWin. Also, I wrote a new short story/Caribbean folklore.

Hey friends,

To celebrate completing Kalani the Fisherman, an original Caribbean folklore that I wrote for the 4C Foundation (Foresee Foundation), I’m revisiting La Diablesse.

I left St. Maarten hoping to write Caribbean stories for and staring Caribbean people. Projects like these remind me that I’m on the right track. Happy Black History Month!

Fun fact: Kalani is my super cute nephew. I love putting my people in my stories. <3

La Diablesse: Caribbean folklore audio drama

Princess and the Frog was a struggle—Just Being Funny

As a blaque woman, I’m tired of us having to play captain save a scrub. Yeah, yeah, they world likes to pretend like we’re unworthy bottomfeeders with a thunder load of children looking for a handout, but that ain’t true. Black women stay holding this raggedy world together, and we deserved more than a *checks notes* no-‘count philandering lazy bump on a log for a prince. And das fax. Big fax. KEEP READING

Kellye Howard is a natural crackhead

First off, I STAN FOR KELLYE! But also, this set kills me every time. EVERY TIME! Follow Kellye Howard on Twitter.

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As always, special thanks to erica dreisbach the good web developer, Shawn York for dope video editing and graphics, and Elizabeth McQuern for my beautiful headshots.

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