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Your job benefits are a scam!—Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

We take a closer look at medical benefits, dental plans, and retirement options. Or Devin just complaining about his job all episode.

Health care is a human right, but even those of us lucky enough to qualify for it through our jobs wonder how it got so complicated! Welcome to episode nine, where Devin shares some of the recent trials from his day job to make sure he stays healthy and keeps all of his teeth. (We mean literally, nobody’s threatening to knock his teeth out. Yet.) We close out talking about the scam of retirement benefits.

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A whole lotta work to keep the same doctor

Devin’s company recently got acquired by a bigger company, and that meant changing insurance plans! After so many years with the same doctor, Devin had to cancel appointments, make sure he wasn’t charged for them, then fill out more paperwork to make sure that doctor accepted his new insurance. Fortunately, that was the case! It may not come through in the episode, but Devin does realize he’s at least lucky enough to have this problem instead of being stuck with no insurance.

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Dental plan! (Nobody needs braces)

Of course, benefits aren’t complete if you can’t take of your teeth! Devin had to sift through 39 different customer service options before figuring out how to get a dentist appointment, because dental coverage is separate from medical coverage. Thankfully, after a few different phone calls and some curiosity about tax codes (how does a company in North Carolina have its headquarters in California?), Devin was also able to keep his dentist and schedule a cleaning. We’ll just have to wait and see how much he has to pay for anything else he might need.

Question: Rate your teeth: scam, swindle, or scheme!

Retirement benefits that you’ll never use

Finally, and maybe most annoying, Devin has the nerve to complain about his 401(K) plan as if anybody can relate to that anymore. Devin admits that he’s never gonna be able to use it, though! Math has never been his thing, but he does more this episode than all our previous episodes combined to show how the “updates” to his retirement “savings” are little more than a cruel joke, taunting him with impossible goals. Is that too mean? You be the judge!

Question: What’s your retirement plan? Wrong answers only.

By Onicia Muller

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