Comedy Scams Swindles Schemes Web Series

Moxie Robot review and filmmaker Kafi Kareem talks bad film franchises —Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

We also play “10 Films or Bust” a game we made up to determine which films absolutely need 10 sequels.

Fangirlin' News

‘Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat’ movie premier

Congratulations to Diane de la Haye and Peter Sagnia on the premiere of their film Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat. March 8 at Caribbean Cinemas on St. Maarten.

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Blast into Adventure! – Onicia Update

Amma be honest with you. Emotionally, I’ve been feeling like a smooth 5/10. Then, my aunt passed away in November, and I dipped to a rocky 4/10. Now that I’m rested and replenished my ice cream levels (Thanks, Donni), I’m feeling like a 5 again. It’s not great, but it’s better than where I was.  So, […]